– the Heart of Wine Country™ –

Spring Wine Pack 2022

– the best seasonal selections, straight to your door –

With steep gravel slopes, the moderating influence of Skaha Lake, and a close-knit community of innovative producers, the Heart of Wine Country™ is one of the Okanagan’s great terroirs.

Martin Street Liquor Merchants is delighted to be partnering with the Heart of Wine Country™ to send a carefully curated section of Okanagan Falls and Skaha Lake’s best bottles, to wine lovers across British Columbia.

Each seasonal offering includes flagship wines, from six of the Okanagan region’s thirty-two vineyards.

The spring season’s 6 bottle case includes delectable wines from Black Market, Pentage Winery, Noble Ridge Winery, Mayhem Wines and Nighthawk Winery.

Order your limited release case today!

– more Okanagan Falls sections in store –

Loving your Heart of Wine Country™ wines? Don’t worry, we have an entire section dedicated to the delectable wines from Okanagan Falls (and Skaha Lake!) in store. Shop online, or pay us a visit to browse our beautiful Okanagan regional selections.

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