– the Heart of Wine Country™ –

– the best seasonal selections, straight to your door –

With steep gravel slopes, the moderating influence of Skaha Lake, and a close-knit community of innovative producers, the Heart of Wine Country™ is one of the Okanagan’s great terroirs.

Martin Street Liquor Merchants is delighted to be partnering with the Heart of Wine Country™ to send a carefully curated section of Okanagan Falls and Skaha Lake’s best bottles, to wine lovers across British Columbia.

Each seasonal offering includes flagship wines, from six of the Okanagan region’s thirty-two vineyards .

The summer season’s 6 bottle case includes delectable wines from Meyer Family Vineyards, Nighthawk Vineyards, Noble Ridge Vineyards, Play Estate Winery and Skaha Vineyards.

Order your case today, as we expect to sell out the limited number available.

– more Okanagan Falls sections in store –

Loving your Heart of Wine Country™ wines? Don’t worry, we an entire section dedicated to the delectable wines from Okanagan Falls (and Skaha Lake!) in store. Shop online, or pay us a visit to browse our beautiful Okanagan regional selections.

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